iskwē and Tom Wilson

iskwē and Tom Wilson

Starring Juno Award-winning artist, songwriter, and performer, iskwē and Canadian music legend Tom Wilson

*** PLEASE NOTE: We regret to announce that Mr. Highway, originally scheduled on this day, must undergo surgery for a detached retina and in the hopes of a successful recovery he must give his eye complete rest.

In his place, we have invited iskwē and Tom Wilson. Thank you so much, in advance, for your understanding and very kind wishes.

With Mother Love, iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (Cree Métis) and Tom Wilson | Tehoh’ahake have created an album that’s as powerful as it is personal, a set of songs on which their disparate vocal styles fuse seamlessly and, in doing so, result in a sound uniquely their own.

To some, it may seem an unusual pairing, given iskwē’s high concept recordings and live shows and Wilson’s reputation as a rootsy, no-nonsense storyteller. But the result – a soulful pairing of two of Canada’s most distinctive musical talents – sounds like the two have been performing together for years.

That was obvious to anyone who heard their first performance together (with trumpet player Chuck Copenace) at the 2020 Indspire Awards. A performance that led to the recording of ‘Blue Moon Drive’, ‘Coal Mine’, and ‘Starless Nights’ at Jukasa Studios; tracks that became the foundation for Mother Love.

“We had never sung together so until we actually stepped up to the microphone and started to sing we didn’t know that we had a little bit of magic going on between us. We are able to now share that magic with you.”

Artist Bio

Tom Wilson
Jesse O’Brien


First Presbyterian Church
200 Maple Street Collingwood, ON

This event has been made possible by the gracious support of Marilyn Knowles.

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra

Celebrate Canada’s Diversity

Explore and celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity and pluralism with 11 world-class musicians from abroad, each performing on a unique instrument from their homeland, and one Métis, all of whom call Canada home. Kuné means “together” in Esperanto.

This ensemble brings together virtuosic musicians who have immigrated to Canada from the four corners of the earth as well as an Indigenous Canadian representative. While collaborating, fusing different cultures together in their creations, KUNÉ’s members retain their personal musical and cultural identities, expressing their musical language and personalities within the context of a musical framework.

“Kuné is a musical journey that takes listeners on a trip around the world…”

Now Magazine


Set 1
1. Espera Esperanto (composed by Paco Luviano, arranged by Hilario Duran)
2. Water (composed by Demetrios Petsalakis, Ahmed Moneka, Aline Morales, Dora Wang
and Selcuk Suna, arranged by Demetrios Petsalakis)
3. Earth (composed by Padideh Ahrarnejad, Matias Rechart and Dorjee Tsering, arranged
by Noam Lemish)
4. Fire (composed by Demetrios Petsalakis, Ahmed Moneka, Tyler Emond, Selcuk Suna,
Matias Recharte)
5. Wind (composed by Demetrios Petsalakis and Salif “Lasso” Sanou, arranged by Andrew
Downing. Contains excerpt from traditional French Canadian song V’lal bon vent)
6. Obeso (composed by Salif “Lasso” Sanou)

Set 2
1. Iemanja (composed by Aline Morales, arranged by David Arcus)
2. We Met in Tkaronto (composed and arranged by Alyssa Delbare-Sawchuck)
3. Sarena (composed by Aline Morales, Ahmed Moneka and Demetrios Petsalakis,
arranged by Demetrios Petsalakis)
4. Lloqlla (composed and arranged by Matias Recharte)
5. Zendeghi (composed by Padideh Ahrarnejad, arranged by Demetrios Petsalakis)
6. Canto a la Tierra (composed by Luis Deniz, arranged by Hilario Duran)
7. [encore] Mae D’Agua (composed by Aline Morales)


First Presbyterian Church
200 Maple Street Collingwood, ON

This event has been made possible by the generous support of Sensor Technology and the Prasad Foundation.

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