In The Footsteps of Chopin with Dr. Alan Walker

In The Footsteps of Chopin with Dr. Alan Walker


This event has passed! – Wednesday, June 23 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

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ONE-TIME ONLY! Exploring the depths of Chopin’s musical genius

FREE! Join our Artistic Director on Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm EDT (EASTERN) for a special, virtual presentation featuring the eminently distinguished musicologist Dr. Alan Walker, in which we dispel many of the myths surrounding the tortured genius.

In this particular discussion, I’ll be playing the role of a snarky 19th-century German music critic who despises Chopin’s works,” says Mr. Vnukowski. “All in good humour, tongue-in-cheek, but a subtle way to get closer to the depths of Chopin’s musical genius.

We’ll be following the footsteps of Frederic Chopin and covering important topics such as musical aesthetics, Polish vernacular and interpretation as the tail-end of the composing process, with plenty of music excerpts by renowned Chopin interpreters. The event will last approximately 50 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A.

Dr. Walker’s recent landmark book Fryderyk Chopin: A Life and Times has established him as a leading authority on Chopin and his time, earning praise in such publications as:

  • New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice
  • The Sunday Times (U.K.) Classical Music Book of 2018
  • The Economist’s Best Books of 2018.

We’ll also discuss the unique journey that led Dr. Walker to a treasure trove of documents buried deep within the archives in Warsaw, his personal relationship with the music of Chopin, and a few side notes from some of the obnoxious, 19th century music critics who despised Chopin’s music!


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Fundraiser for the Actors’ Fund of Canada

Fundraiser for the Actors’ Fund of Canada


Livestreamed: Wednesday June 16 – 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

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Celebrating the Life & Work of Robert Burns

Rabbie Burns Fans! Grab some haggis, whiskey and join us on a fascinating journey that shines a modern light on Scotland’s national poet.

Join our Artistic Director on Wednesday, June 16 at 7pm for a fundraiser to support the Actors’ Fund of Canada, featuring one of Canada’s foremost stage actors – R.H. Thomson. His impressive career spans over 50 years, to which he has received numerous awards and nominations, including Gemini & Genie awards, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and most recently the Canadian Screen Award, for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.

In this 1-hour virtual event, we’ll be celebrating the poetry of Robert Burns, narrated by R.H. Thomson with Daniel Vnukowski on the piano. Musical excerpts by Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn, Malcolm Arnold and Led Zeppelin. We explore aspects of Burns’ life & work in four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Poetry & The Love of Language
  • Chapter 2: Independence & the Rights of Women
  • Chapter 3: The Romantic Man
  • Chapter 4: The People’s Poet

About the AFC

100% of the funds generated from this event will go toward helping Canadian actors and entertainers.

The AFC (formerly the Actors’ Fund of Canada) is a national charity with a mission to help Canadian entertainment professionals maintain their health, dignity, and ability to work. They provide compassionate support to everyone working in theatre, film/TV, dance, music, live performance, and more. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of industry members have turned to The AFC for help to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. During this challenging time, The AFC has responded to the need in the community with $1.4 million (and counting) in emergency financial aid and other vital supports. Learn about The AFC’s programs and services at

2021 Season Preview Livestream – LIVE MUSIC

2021 Season Preview Livestream – LIVE MUSIC

silent film LIVE, PIANO

Join our Artistic Director on Wednesday, May 19 at 7pm for a FREE live music event to preview the 2021 summer season and discuss the new drive-in concept. Be sure to tune in for a fun-filled evening of LIVE music-making and insightful interviews.

Daniel Vnukowski performs the music of Rachmaninoff and invites three special guests to join him: acclaimed historian and poet Dr. Duke Redbird, violin virtuoso Mayumi Seiler and our festival’s youngest participant this year – 12 year old local pianist Jaden Benabdeslam.

0:00 Introduction
1:44 S. Rachmaninoff – Prelude Op. 32 No. 5 in G Major
4:38 Drive-in Concept
9:50 Guest: Jaden Benabdeslam, Local Collingwood-Based Talent
20:49 Guest: Mayumi Seiler, Violin Virtuoso
33:21 Guest: Dr. Duke Redbird, Elder and Celebrated Canadian Historian & Poet
FREE Bravo Collingwood Livestream!

FREE Bravo Collingwood Livestream!

Scroll down to watch the livestream!

Join our Artistic Director on Wednesday, April 21 for a free livestream to celebrate the strength and resilience of Collingwood’s arts scene.

Daniel Vnukowski performs the music of Tchaikovsky and invites four special guests – Geoffrey James, Tjalling Halbertsma, Anke Lex and Claudia Ferraro, to join him on a fun-filled evening of music-making, poetry, painting, sculpting and photography – including a rare look at the artists’ studios from behind the scenes!

Simply visit this page again on April 21 and watch the livestream below. If you wish to join our live Q&A video chat following the presentation, scroll down to the bottom of this page and RSVP.

Watch full-screen by clicking on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player. Use the ESC button on your keyboard to exit full-screen mode. You may also have to unmute the sound by clicking on the speaker icon.

Contact if you experience any problems.

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