Virtual Stage – Tuesday, July 13 @ 8:30pm

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  • Shin Kodama (New Echoes), composed by Kiyoshi Nagata.
  • Hitori Uchi (One person, one drum), composed by Aki Takahashi
  • Harukoma (Spring Horses)
  • Nebuta Daiko (Nebuta festival drumming)
  • Hon-Choshi, traditional arranged by Aki Takahashi
  • San Ren On (Rhythms of three), composed by Kiyoshi Nagata
  • Tenkai* (Heaven)
  • Araumi (Story Sea)
  • Iwai (Celebrate)

*with accompanying painting session


Kiyoshi Nagata – taiko and bamboo flute
Aki Takahashi – taiko, voice and shamisen
Naoya Kobayashi
Andrew Siu
Kevin Zi-Xiao He
Briana Lee
Marie Gavin

Nagata Shachu, Japanese Drumming Ensemble
Shandelle McCurdie, Painter

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