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For Election at the April 9, 2024 AGM

With the unprecedented growth of the Collingwood Music Festival over the past 5 years, we’re expanding our board and inviting you to join in on the fun!

If you are passionate about the music & arts scene in Collingwood, would like to help keep our mission alive, and have a set of unique skills you could bring to our organization, send us a note with your cover letter and resume to

The Collingwood Music Festival Board of Directors is expanding to up to 7 Directors, consequently recruiting 4 (four) new Directors for election to the Board at the Annual General Meeting on April 9,2024.  The following background information is provided to assist prospective candidates in considering this exciting opportunity to be involved in this important community organization.


Interested individuals are asked to complete and submit a letter of interest and brief bio/CV by March 15, 2024, midnight EST to  Interviews for leading Board candidates will be scheduled by the week of March 25, with an invitation to join the Board sent by the week of April 1, 2024.


Please refer to the CMF Board Overview brochure available HERE

Current Open Board Positions

  • Open positions for 2024: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one Director at large.
  • For more information about each Board position please refer to the CMF Board Overview brochure available here [link to online version]
  • New Directors will be elected by the Members of the Corporation (the returning Directors) at the Annual General Meeting. The Board Officers will be appointed by the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting immediately following the Annual General Meeting.

Diversity of Directors

The Board strives to bring together a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds and skill sets including:

  • Prior Board governance and leadership experience, ideally for a not-for-profit or charity
  • A passion for music and the arts
  • Indigenous or visible minority heritage
  • Finance or accounting, budgeting and financial management experience
  • Fundraising experience with a proven track record leading major fundraising campaigns ($250,000+)
  • Legal professional experience
  • Strong strategic planning skillsets
  • Linkages with: the regional business community, municipal and county levels of government and/or the arts community and granting agencies

Time and Commitment

  • A Director is generally expected to commit the necessary time required to fulfill Board and Committee responsibilities including preparation for and attendance at Board meetings, Committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting and special Board meeting as necessary.  A Director is expected to attend at least 75% of the meetings of the Board and Committees of which the director is a member. Directors who fail to meet the attendance requirements are subject to review by the Chair and, subject to extenuating circumstances, may be asked to step down from the Board.
  • All Directors are expected to participate in the annual Spring Fundraiser and the Collingwood Music Festival and encourage others to do so.
  • Term of Office either 2 or 3 years, and may be re-elected for additional terms.



  • The Collingwood Music Festival (CMF) Board of Directors is a volunteer governance Board supported by a small team including the Artistic Director and Project Manager. In addition to participating in Board meetings that provide direction and oversee CMF operations, Directors are also expected to participate on behalf of CMF in several activities including fundraising, community outreach and assist at CMF events.
  • The composition of the Board of Directors should reflect specific skills and expertise to provide leadership to the organization and should also reflect the diversity of the community served by the festival.

Qualities Expected of All Directors

  • Energy and enthusiasm for the vision and mission of the Collingwood Music Festival.
  • Ability to commit the time required to participate in monthly Board meetings, occasional Special Board meetings (max 4 per year), the AGM and to periodically act as a leader or member of a Committee or project team to implement specific initiatives in preparation for and during the annual Music Festival.
  • Ability to work collegially and respectfully as a member of the Board of Directors and with CMF staff and other volunteers.
  • Integrity, judgement and absence of a conflict of interest that would interfere with the ability to act in the best interest of the Collingwood Music Festival.
  • Established networks/relationships within communities essential to our success, including social, business, the arts, education and granting agencies.


Roles of the Board

  1. Policy Formulation
    Establish policies to provide guidance to those who are responsible for leading and managing CMF programs and operations.
  2. Decision-Making
    Make decisions on matters which require Board approval related to the operations of the CMF.
  3. Oversight
    Monitor and assess the use of CMF resources and the success/ outcomes of the annual CMF events.

Responsibilities of the Board

Strategic Direction

  • Establish and periodically review the CMF vision and mission;
  • Contribute to the development of and approve the strategic plan;
  • Review the strategic plan and confirm or revise priorities annually;

Program Quality and Effectiveness

  • Establish measures to assess the effectiveness of CMF programs and events;
  • Oversee the work of CMF Board Committees;
  • Conduct a timely review of the success/outcome of CMF programs and events and make adjustments for the future as required.

Financial and Organizational Viability

  • Review and approve the annual budget;
  • Approve an annual fundraising plan and monitor progress;
  • Review monthly/ quarterly financial statements and approve the annual financial statement.

Board Effectiveness

  • Recruit Directors who are skilled and committed to CMF and plan for the succession of Directors and Board Officers;
  • Provide an orientation for new Directors;
  • Establish and periodically review the By-law and related Board policies to maximize the effective functioning of the Board;
  • Establish a policy and process for evaluating the performance of the Board.

Donor, Sponsor and Community Relationships

  • Oversee the annual recruitment for CMF sponsors, donors and, volunteers.
  • Ensure that mechanisms are in place for effective two-way communication externally with CMF sponsors, donors, subscribers and other community stakeholders.

Responsibilities as an individual Director:  

Please refer to the CMF Board Overview brochure available HERE


Note: You will need to download the free Acrobat Reader to view the files.

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