Bambalamb Kidd


We are very excited that Bam528 (Bambalamb) Kidd will be joining us this year to do his Bamtastic! Interactive Drumming!
“My life goal is to try and help elevate our vibration as a humanity so we can just get along and love each other.” Bam528’s priority in life is to spread love, happiness and joy. He has a 39-year career in music that he says started by accident, discovering he had rhythm as a young boy living in Detroit in and around the Motown music scene. Bam528 has performed with musicians like Isaac Hayes and Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus. He is very active in the Georgian Bay, Grey Bruce music scene and has been doing Bamtastic! Interactive Drumming at Blue Mountain Village for the past 16 years. He is currently the drummer in Jeff Michael’s band. Come out to drum and raise our vibrations!
Collingwood Music Festival
115 Hurontario St. Suite 200
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 2L9

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